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Dual-fuel s offer a highly efficient way to fight off the chill of winter. For businesses and commercial facilities, these package systems provide an effective and affordable alternative to other types of heating. Compared to conventional s, dual-fuel systems are preferable for several reasons. Depending on the location of your facility, this equipment can significantly reduce energy consumption and power bills. Read on to determine whether this
Malta Bend MO 65339 type of HVAC system is right for your business.
How Dual-Fuel s Work

In traditional systems, a single electrically powered unit blows both hot and cold air simultaneously. During the summer, when AC is necessary, cold air is directed inside and hot air is expelled out. During the cold months, the system reverses (in a manner of speaking) to bring the heat inside. Although effective down to about 35 degrees Malta Bend MO 65339 or so, these units become ineffective and expensive to run when the outside air approaches the freezing mark. At that point, your gas-powered furnace fires up and takes over the job of heating the air. The dual-fuel draws in the efficiently heated furnace air and disperses it throughout the facility.
Advantages of Dual-Fuel Systems

Versatility is the true advantage of these systems. The ability to adapt to a wide
Malta Bend MO 65339 range of temperatures means that the system is performing seamlessly, at optimal levels, from season to season. During the more temperate spring and autumn months, the itself can efficiently deliver the correct level of heating or cooling, without drawing expensive and environmentally damaging levels of electricity. During the winter, when a standard system would struggle to keep your facility warm, cost-effective gas heating fills in the gap. Malta Bend MO 65339 In most cold climates, gas heat is highly efficient and cheap to produce. The power required to pump the heated air is minimal, making this the perfect pairing of gas furnace and electric heat distribution.
Using Dual-Fuel Pumps in a Commercial Setting

Determining whether a package system is right for your office or facility requires answering a few key questions. If your furnace is older, it may be not be compatible, Malta Bend MO 65339 but most furnace systems can be adapted successfully. Even if a new furnace is required, the numbers may still work in your favor, depending on the cost of natural gas and electricity in your area. Contact a licensed HVAC contractor in your local area and request a cooling and heating load analysis. Having your system sized correctly for your needs translates to the lowest operational cost. High-efficiency systems can Malta Bend MO 65339 reduce energy costs significantly and allow the new system to pay for itself quickly. Adding smart-technology thermostats can mean even lower power bills over time. In many areas, rebates or tax credits may be available for upgrading to a more energy-efficient system, allowing you realize cost savings almost immediately. Ask your HVAC contractor today if dual-fuel s may be a good solution for your business.

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